About Us

Welcome to TOP SYSTEMS GROUP INC., Home of Quality Furniture.

From outstanding furnishing to extremely comfy sofas, we are your ultimate destination for that special furniture. And for those times you’re not sure of what to get, we are here to help you find something that best captures the moment.

Why Choose Us?

TOP SYSTEMS GROUP provides quality products from Malaysia to other extended South East Asia country.

We specialise in the manufacture and distribution of furniture products. This is what makes our brand renowned.

We have been building trust with new and existing customers by ensuring their business and relationships with us go through, smoothly, discreetly and completely to the customer’s satisfaction.

Company Background

Top Systems Group Logo

Our establishment in Malaysia provides us with a unique view of nature’s majesty and an internal spirit for nature that is reflected in everything we do.

Our brand strikes an ideal balance between structure and creative freedom, with emphasis on originality, affordability, sustainability and durability of our product. We continue to prove that youth never ends.